Sep 13, 2016


I can not believe that it has been over a year since I last blogged. 
I have thought about it time and time again, after having Hudson, I felt like I became sorta boring.
I still feel I am boring, but some exciting things do happen occasionally. 
When I blogged before getting pregnant, I truly felt that it kept me accountable with my weightloss. So this post (hopefully) will push me into staying accountable again. 

Since it has been a whole year, a lot has happened. Let me fill you in. 

In November I received the Gastric Sleeve, again. My first sleeve had developed a pouch, which led to me being able to eat more. Almost to where I used to be able to eat. I had felt like a complete failure, but it was a relief to know that the fault wasn't all mine. 
It was a huge slap in the face knowing that I let myself get back up so high in weight. My starting weight when I received the surgery, for the second time was 293. 24 lbs away from my highest weight. 
Life happened. A kid happened. 
I went to my dark poor pitiful me phase. I hated taking pictures. I hated looking at myself. The feeling of failure isn't a pleasant one. Especially when you go through such a dramatic life altering surgery, only to fail. 
So, being the instant gratification person that I am, surgery again, seemed like the best option. 
Pre-surgery. I don't know how much before surgery this was. Maybe a litter over a month? 
I don't have one standing up to show a better example. I mean sitting down just kinda molts all of your fat together.. Sitting down and being fat, do not mix. 

I feel like this is an accurate impression. 

This was taken a little less than a month after surgery. 
I felt so much better, I felt like I could actually take pictures and not feel so terrible about myself. I had more energy. I was excited about losing weight again. 

Hudson turned the big ONE in January. 
I know, he is literally the most handsome little guy. EVER.
He is definitely an adventure, and test our patience every single day. I've never met a more perfect little boy. Perfect balance of sweet and sour. Our little sour patch kid.


This happened. TOTALLY unplanned, obviously. 
Two months after having yet another weight loss surgery, and boom. HELLO weight gain. 
I was in absolute shock. And when they say all it takes is one time, they mean it. 
Here we were with a barely one year old, just getting the hang of having a toddler, only to start over with anotherr!

We slowly got excited, and then we found out our little one is gonna be a girl, and that was the greatest feeling in the world. Our little family is complete, for now at least. 

Now, back to the weight gain. 
I am deathly afraid that at every appointment, I am going to step on the scale and be back up to 293 lbs. 
I started out the exact same weight as when I was pregnant with Hudson. 
269. I gained about 25-30 lbs while pregnant with Hudson. 
I was pretty much expecting the same thing with Ava. 
Luckily, I did not gain any weight until my 24 week appointment. And by then, I had only gained 5 lbs. 
I am currently 34 weeks and have gained about 11-13 lbs. 
I am extremely happy with that. 
Even though I look way bigger, I look about like I did when I was 40 weeks pregnant with Hudson. 

I am ready to have this little girl and continue with my lifestyle change. 
I am ready to start blogging again, and sharing my boring, but sometimes exciting life. 

And on that note, I must bid you adieu. 

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